Having personal hygiene in your life is incredibly essential to avoid a potential illness, and also it has other benefits, which you will find below.



Lists of Essential Personal Hygiene


Taking a Shower Daily

It’s incredibly essential to shower daily to remove any unwanted dust or diseases from the body. It will also get rid of bacterias and keep your body fresh. It’s advisable to shower in the morning, which will help start the day afresh. You can also shower before going to bed, which will help promote quality sleep.


Washing the Hands After Using the Toilet

Many people tend to forget to wash their hands once they’ve finished using the toilet. This step is essential since in a toilet there’re many bacterias and germs. Hence, washing your hands will get rid of them.


Brushing Your Teeth Twice a Day

Our natural teeth get damaged day by day, and it also holds many bacterias that can cause tooth decay. If you wish to avoid losing your teeth or going to the dentist regularly, then you need to brush your teeth properly daily. It’s also recommended to use dental floss and mouth wash daily to maintain a healthier and clean tooth.


Shaving Unwanted Hairs

Shaving unwanted hairs, especially under the armpits and private parts, from time to time is incredibly essential. This is simple; unwanted and long hairs hold many bacterias, especially after peeing or transpiration under the arms. This can lead to other diseases in the long run. Hence, don’t wait for the hair to grow too much; shave them at least once a week.


Advantages of Having a Personal Hygiene

  • Keeps you away from germs.
  • Protect you from potential diseases.
  • Your body is clean and fresh.
  • Your body is healthy
  • You smell good
  • You do not have a bad breath